Our collaborators truly appreciates our flexiblity in the products from SKANDI-BO. Below you can read their experiences using SKANDI-BO in various projects.

”The new opportunities with glasswalls means a completely different transparency in the way we interact. Being able to see on a building it’s alive and full of activity is great”, tells architect Jesper Møgelhøj from KANT Architecture, who is behind the school construction of the year. The winner was the renovated 70’s school Dyveskolen on Amager, where SKANDI-BO delivered the interior glass walls, where the dark corridors has been replaced by more open environments with plenty of daylight.

Architect Merete Alder Juul says that daylight is always a main theme at Henning Larsen Architects. ”Besides from daylight being great for humans to reside in, it is truly a beautiful element to work with as an architect, not to mention it is fortunate how sustainable it is. The design is some of what Merete Alder Juul put weight on: ”With public buildings the price is the most important part, but we will of course pursue a solution where the aesthetic meets our standards. We were indeed greatly satisfied with how SKANDI-BO’s glass panels were the best, because of the same small profiles on ordinary doors and fire-escapes, so that we get a harmonic expression”.

Contractor on RUC’s new laboratory building has been visiting ELINDCO in Jyllinge, where Jesper Birk Hansen has been behind the construction management. ”First and foremost I have to make sure that we get the best prices from the supplier, which is why we always ask more places than one. In these times, where you also have to make sure that they will be able to deliver, it has been most comfortable working with SKANDI-BO, who credit insures all of their customers. We visited the company during the process and saw how all glass panels were ready in the manufacuring facility  and marked for us. It is a professional company, that delivers timely, which definetely makes them a supplier you want to work with”, says Jesper Birk Hansen.

Also SDU’s construction leader, Jørgen Skov Kristensen from Hustømrerne in Rødekro has been thrilled for the collaboration with SKANDI-BO. ”We knew SKANDI-BO from earlier, and know that they are very idea inventive and solution oriented. This was also needed here, where they edited in dimensions on doorframes underway, to make sure they lived up to the expectatons.

Architect Helge Næs from Norwegian L2 Architects A/S has been using solutions from SKANDI-BO for the culture house “Lørenskog Hus”. “I am especially happy about the slim expression in the solutions from SKANDI-BO. It provides great flexibility to be able to build in fire security as part of the expression. We used glass partitions in Lørenskog Hus, to create bright rooms and the system from SKANDI-BO Indoor, especially including the ID85 Fire series has made it possible for us to achieve the openness we were looking for.”

Project manager Jon Bech Hansen from Pihl A/S, contractor at DTU, building 324, has this to say: “SKANDI-BO’s systems can, apart from meeting the architect’s requirements for aesthetics, also live up to contractor’s demand for speed. When everything arrives in prefabricated frames, it goes smoothly with the installation. It’s out in the square, that time is always running, so the more interfaces and unknowns, one can eliminate, the better for the budget and schedule. ”

Architect Thomas Norgaard from architectural firm Christensen & Co. says that transparency in both building and organization were reasons why glass was to play the lead role in building 324 at DTU: “We are particularly pleased that it is now possible to get fireproof parties in the same slim profiles, as ordinary glass, as it provides maximum light. The system from SKANDI -BO is well thought out in every detail and also has a nice integration of doors. This means that we can keep a consistent look throughout, although there are different requirements for fire safety and sound insulation from area to area.”

Architect Lars Clausen from Nøhr & Sigsgaard says: “We use a lot of glass in our solutions, because the incidence of light is one of the key elements that we work with, and we are particularly pleased with SKANDI-BO’s system, because of its flexibility. It has the same slim profiles to ordinary windows and doors and also for the fire resistant, whereby we can gain the ease and consistency of construction, which we strive for. ”