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For the project at Aarhus TECH a glass panel with a built-in sliding door had to be made, which also had to ensure fire separation. The local fire authorities demanded that the sliding door was tested in a glass wall. They were aware that in the industry it is customary to test the actual running part of the sliding door in a solid wall, for example, plaster or concrete and to test the solid glass walls for themselves.

The Aarhus fire authorities are quite right that it is challenging and complex to get a sliding glass door to withstand a fire for a minimum of 60 minutes in a glass wall. Thankfully, we in Skandi-Bo became aware of this in connection with another project in Aarhus, and after a long development period we succeeded in the fall of 2011 to get the complex structure in place – and the door withstood the fire for a total of 82 minutes. More info

Architects: Pluskontoret ApS
Details: Fire-resistant sliding door in fire-resistant glass walls

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