ABOUT Skandi-Bo


Strong glass walls and creative solutions

At SKANDI-BO, we design glass walls that combine stylish aesthetics with an uncompromising approach to functionality. We are professional advisers, and we understand how to transform the architect’s and the developer’s ideas into simple, strong components.
Our solutions are manufactured at our own factory in Denmark by experts who are fully familiar with the properties of the materials we use, and who know how to combine structural requirements with innovative design.

SKANDI-BO has a history of designing stylish solutions, focusing on light and air. The clean lines of our aluminium systems are echoed in all of our solutions. This also applies to our fire- and sound-proofed walls, which offer unique potential for combining
maximum inflow of light with a high degree of comfort and safety. For example, we have glass partition walls and doors that comply with the superior EI60 (BS60) fire rating.

Our solutions are not standard but are versatile, based on your own specifications. And we are renowned for managing projects through every phase, right up to delivery at building site.

Involve us from the beginning

It is impossible to know everything about glass walls, doors and lock systems, but we are familiar with most aspects – and we would be delighted to support you with our expertise. We can help you with creative input before the project reaches the drawing board and during the design phase. And once the project is underway, we handle all stages up to delivery at building site.

Professional advice by professionals

Whether you are a developer or an architect, you are very welcome to ask our advice about glass walls that combine pure aesthetics with an uncompromising attitude to functionality.
We are professional advisers, and we understand how to transform ideas into strong solutions. As professionals, we understand the properties of the materials and we know how to merge construction requirements with innovative design. We can provide you with advice and technical drawings even before your idea has fully taken shape.


We manage your project throughout the entire process

We provide you with advice and guidance along the way when necessary – from interior design and creative input to project development and technical advice. The plans and production drawings we prepare give us a good overview and understanding of the details of the project. We are familiar with the entire project and are often used as a sounding board throughout all project phases.


Outstanding finish and great flexibility

All of our solutions are custom-built. We are therefore extremely flexible and always open to new ideas. Our products are subjected to a wide range of tests and are constantly being further developed. Most of our staff have been with us for many, many years. They have extensive know-how and are highly creative, and they apply this expertise when tackling new challenges.

Craftmanship from start to finish

Our components do not simply roll off a machine. Although our systems are based on standard parts, none escape our employees’ expert hands. We make sure that all components receive the perfect finish. SKANDI-BO’s factory and headquarters are situated in West Zealand, Denmark, where we have been manufacturing windows and doors for a generation – initially in wood and, more recently, exclusively in aluminium. We have chosen to specialise in indoor glass partition walls and doors to match and we are constantly refining design and production methods..


Pre-fabrication ensures an outstanding finish and fast assembly

Both frames and casings are prefabricated, and we assemble them in our production facilities. This means that our quality assurance applies to the finished product, which is then carefully packed so that it is ready for installation. Since the systems are delivered fully assembled, they can be installed by any craftsman who is able to install, for example, windows. Due to this procedure, installation time on the building site is short and the risk of errors is kept to a minimum.


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