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Herlev Hospital, renovation

The Oncology and Gastroscopy departments at Herlev Hospital has been completely renovated, and it was important that the departments were more transparent and were opened up to create a more welcoming environment for staff and patients. It was a demand from architects that a double glass solution with the tubes flush with the adjacent solid walls were used. At the same time, there was an expressed wish that the walls were very easy to clean and could be used in laboratories and the like..

In collaboration with the architect Skandi-Bo ID120 Lab was developed with the detail that the glass is on the outside of the profiles. Skandi-Bo’s distinctive feature of homogeneous and uniform design, regardless of fire and acoustic requirements must be followed also in this new system for the health sector. The system has been tested and approved for EI60 fire rating.

Architect: Creo
Contractor: Jakon and Juul & Nielsen
Details: ID120 Lab..

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