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Nørrebro Park Skole

Renovation and new construction. The school is a merger of Havremarkens Skole and Jagtvejens Skole, and in this context, the two existing buildings build in 1888 and 1975 respectively, were supplemented by a brand new building. The materials that the architect chose, together with the color scheme carried out by visual artist Malene Bach, created a connection between the three very different buildings. An important element all of this were the ID85 glass sections from Skandi-Bo, including the development of a new glass framed folding door.

Architect: Nova5
Contractor: Enemærke & Petersen A/S
Details: Glass framed folding door, glass doors with concealed door closers, silk screen printing
Malene Bach received this year’s Color Award 2012 for her color scheme.

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