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Vestas HQ + RD

Vestas was looking for a unique solution for their Global Development Centre at Aarhus. In order to achieve the optimum light ingress, they were very keen on floor to ceiling windows. It was important, however, to retain the buildings aesthetic expression, so they were looking for windows that did not have visible frames and mouldings.

It was also important that the homogeneity of the architecture was preserved, regardless of the sound and fire requirements of the glass walls. The architect contacted Skandi-Bo, and it was found that with the Skandi-Bo ID85 series, which has one of the narrowest frames, an aesthetically appealing solution for Vestas building could be created.

Architect: Arkitema
Contractor: Hoffmann Stage 1, Stage 2 MTH, Pihl ​​stage 3
Details: Floor-to-ceiling windows, Segmented curved wall.