The impossible made possible

Our products can be combined in countless ways. Although we believe we have seen almost everything, we are constantly challenged by creative architects and clients. Our aim is to provide the perfect solution, and if we cannot do that with the systems we already have, we will rely on our skills in project specific innovation to achieve the desired outcome.

We love custom designs

We have the expertise and the creative insight, and we have never said no to a challenge. Rather than providing standard solutions, we tailor a solution precisely to the specific requirements of your project, and we are willing to help at all stages of the design process. We look forward to special projects because they usually lead to exciting and unique designs.


Listed buildings and buildings worthy of preservation need fireproof solutions even thought the architecture can pose a challenge. This was the case with the head jamb adapted for the Gothic arch in Anna Church in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen.

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If you want to avoid doors in a long corridor but need to be able to eliminate smoke in the event of a fire, giant smoke protection doors in discrete locations along the wall – as installed at the Technical University of Denmark’s DTU 220 Biosustain – could be the solution.

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We have installed a fireproof glass wall at the Lørenskog cultural centre in Norway. The wall is the first of its kind in Scandinavia and consists of segmented fireproof glass, which is laminated and 31 mm thick.

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At the Department of General Psychiatry in Esbjerg, transparency is a keyword – and even the corners needed to be as simple as possible. They therefore chose a minimalistic design where the corner profiles form an open corner. The result is slimmer than the customary solution with square tubes.

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What do you do if you want a fully glazed wall but need to be able to talk to people on the other side? The obvious solution for an ordinary wall would be to install a window. And that is what we did here.


Colleagues passing the time of day and holding meetings at their desks pose a challenge in any open-plan office. In DGIbyen, a kitchenette with fully glazed walls can be used for impromptu meetings or a chat with colleagues without disturbing the entire office.

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