Door accessories


Hinges, handles and much more

Some examples of the accessories SKANDI-BO can supply are shown below. In principle, we can deliver any type of handle or door pump you require and integrate them into our systems.

Door closer, concealed


Integrated into the casing.
Fire-rated with SKANDI-BO ID85 Fire-rated.

Door closer, visible


Broad selection of colours.
The size of the door closer is adjusted to suit
the dimensions of the door.

Automatic door
opener with sensor

Integrated into the door’s profile.
A variety of door openers can be adapted for
our systems.

Cable loop

Cable loops are used when, for example,
electric lock systems are required.

Stainless steel hinges

Same type of hinge regardless of door
type – glass-framed or wooden – with ball bearing.

Door handles

The handle in the photo is our standard
handle. We can provide most other models
on request. We also have a broad selection
of pull handles.

Floor door closer


A variety of floor door closers are
available for pintle-hinged doors.

Electric control for
natural ventilation

Custom solutions are designed
together with the customer.

Access control


Access control can be installed on
the narrowest of profiles.


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