Designing a fireproof glass wall is a complicated business – and even more difficult if there is a door. Glass and profiles must fit perfectly and the wall must be able to pass all relevant fire tests.

The fire-rated and non-rated versions look the same

From the outside, SKANDI-BO’s fire-rated and non-rated glass walls look exactly the same. Due to the design quality, we can construct a double-glazed solution that combines a fireproof wall with a standard wall, without compromising on aesthetics. The
profiles have precisely the same dimensions but the fireproof profiles are filled with a special fire retardant gel. Fire retardant glass contains an invisible gel which foams up to form a strong core when the glass is exposed to fire. It holds back smoke gases and flames to keep the temperature on the other side of the glass down and to prevent the fire from spreading. Our fire-rated glass walls and doors were developed in close collaboration with Scandinavian fire testing bodies, which regularly perform tests on our products. If you are looking for the highest possible level of fire safety, and do not wish to compromise on aesthetics, we recommend ID85 Fire-rated with frame and glassframed door.

This solution has been tested and certified as an entire unit. This is no reason to curtail freedom of architectural expression simply because there is a workshop with a fire hazard on the other side of the wall. We can even install the fireproof sliding doors in a glass wall.

Tested Fireproof

Glass wall with door


Glass wall ID85


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