Our product range

Three systems, numerous ranges

SKANDI-BO has Denmark’s broadest range of indoor glass walls and doors to match. To make it as easy as possible to select the right solution, we have divided our product range into three systems. Once you have found the system you want, you simply need
to decide whether it should be fireproof or not. All products are available with and without fire rating and the design is so similar that it is difficult to see the difference.


The look is simple and stylish. It is actually so simple that, from a distance, it does not even look like a wall. The glass is fixed to discrete profiles both top and bottom, otherwise there are no frames. The solution is perfect if you are looking for maximum transparency and daylight through the building.


If you have high ceilings, you will need strength if you want to use glass. With our profiles, you can achieve the light and airy look of the glass wall even if the system spans several storeys. This strong frame system is our most versatile system and is also suitable for ceilings of standard height, for
built-in Venetian blinds and many other options.  


We have glass walls and doors for rooms where cleanliness is not merely a virtue but a necessity, such as laboratories, hospital wards and production
environments with strict hygiene requirements. From the side, the wall looks like one large glass surface because the profiles are situated behind
the glass and joined with an airtight seal. There is nowhere for the dirt to get through, and it is easy to clean.


Our doors are custom designed for each project – sliding doors, folding doors, glass-framed doors, standard, fully glazed doors or wooden doors, either painted or with a hard-wearing, laminate surface. Our standard product line does not include accessories
because we select the accessories to match each individual project. Here are a few examples to provide you with inspiration.


Our products can be combined in countless ways. Although we believe we have seen almost everything, we are constantly challenged by creative architects and clients. Our aim is to provide the perfect solution, and if we cannot do that with the
systems we already have, we will rely on our skills in project specific innovation to achieve the desired outcome.

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