ID120 Lab Fire-rated & Non-rated

We have glass walls and doors for rooms where cleanliness is not merely a virtue but a necessity, such as laboratories, hospital wards and production environments with strict hygiene requirements. From the side, the wall looks like one large glass surface because the profiles are situated behind the glass and joined with an airtight seal. There is nowhere for the dirt to get through, and it is easy to clean.

Our ID120 Lab systems, both the fire-rated and the non-rated versions, are our hygiene range. When old hospitals are renovated and new ones built, the aim is always to optimise daylight and transparency within the building. This promotes the well-being and comfort of patients and staff. ID120 enables this while, at the same time, meeting hygiene requirements.

ID120 Lab Fire-rated meets the strictest fire safety requirements. The system complies with the EI60 fire resistance class. ID120 is a double-glazed system with the glass mounted on the outside of the profiles on both sides. From the side, the glass wall looks like one solid glass surface, with discrete joints between the panes. The 120 mm depth allows the ID120 Lab glass partition walls to fit flush with ordinary 120 mm thick walls, so that the glass becomes an integral part of the wall.
ID120 can be installed wherever an easy-to-clean design is required, for instance in areas where sensitive electronics are manufactured or food produced.
ID120 also meets our goal to ensure consistent design, regardless of fire safety or soundproofing requirements.


ID120 ensures a sterile and dust-free environment when hygiene requirements are strict.


ID120 can be manufactured with different types
of glass and achieve the following fire ratings:

Floor profile – double glazing

ID120 Lab

ID120 Lab with glazing bars and
glass-framed door


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