SKANDI-BO’s Fire range is the optimum solution, when fireproofing is a decisive parameter. With our glass partitions, you do not have to compromise on light admission, and can achieve lightness and simple solutions that comply with fire classes from E30 to EI 60.

ID85 Fire glass partitions also enable you to create a double-glazed solution with a fire wall and and a normal partition, perhaps with venetian blinds between the double glazing.

If you are looking for an efficient fireproofing solution, we can recommend ID85 Fire with a frame and a glazed, framed door. This gives you the highest level of fireproofing without compromising aesthetics.

You can see our door designs in the brochure devoted to doors and accessories.

ID85 FIRE opstalt

ID85 Fire permits both fireproofing and sound insulation – while still expressing lightness and simplicity.

This is an example of one of the many potential combinations you are offered with the flexible glass partitions.