Fire Specialist

It is a complicated task to develop a fireproof glass partition. Glass and profiles must fit together perfectly, and the walls must be able to pass all the relevant fire tests. SKANDI-BO’s Fire series is the optimal solution when fire safety is crucial for construction. The fire series offers lots of light in a stylish and strong design while meeting all fire classifications from E30 to EI 60 (F30 to BS60).

Our fireproof glass walls and doors are developed in close cooperation with the Scandinavian institutes of fire testing that regularly performs tests on new SKANDI-BO products.

With the SKANDI-BO ID85 Brand you can ensure the environment from fire without compromising the architectural expression. The series combines correctly specified flame-retardant glass with specially developed profiles. The special fire-resistant design and material guarantees an effective fire protection and also helps to give the series the same high-class expression as SKANDI-BO ID85 Standard.

Prefabrication ensures high finish and quick installation
Both series are characterized by a high finish and build quality, with both frames and sills prefabricated and assembled in our production. Our approach also makes the installation time on the construction site considerably shorter.

ID85 · Standard

Single pane
Double glazed